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2021 Update: Mortgage Guide for New Home Buyers in Toronto

Understanding Mortgage

Mortgage is a kind of loan that you can acquire to buy a house or property in your city such as Toronto. Depending on the interest rate you’ve opt from the lender, you need to return via monthly installments. Remember, mortgage is a long-term loan as it contains thousands of dollars borrowed from a lender. For loan backups, you have to use your property as a source of value. So that if you’re not capable to return money to the lender in any case, your property may get seized and considered as loss cover by the lender.

Steps Involved to Qualify for Mortgage

  • Pre-Approval Mortgage: It contains some basic information related to your credit score and credit history from any 3rd party mortgage service providers, in which your payment history is checked in order to make sure that you have no previous debts and able to pay off the mortgage payments in future.

  • Pre-Qualified Mortgage: There’s a difference between pre-approved and pre-qualified mortgage. It involves a list of questions asked by the loan officer in order to verify if the borrower is able to pay-off the loan or not. Moreover, you must arrange required documents for mortgage pre-approval.

  • Look for Property/House: In order to identify how much loan you require, you must find out the actual cost of house you’re interested in buying. Though, you can create a budget and find out if you’re able to pay off the loan that you’re going to obtain from lender.

  • Prepare Mortgage Loan Application: There are few documents required to obtain mortgage for house/property. It includes a list of details as below:
    – Current employer name, address, contact
    – Time length of current employer
    – Position
    – Net Income/Salary
    – Profit/Loss Statement (for self-employed)
    – SSN (Social Security Number)
    – Child Support
    – Assets (savings, property, bonds etc.)
    – Debts (if any)
    – Property Information (Value, Price, Type, Size of property)

  • Process of Loan: Lenders from whom you’re acquiring loan gathers the required documents to overview entire details in your loan file and finalize the package by ordering credit report, verify employment, inspecting property etc.

  • Underwriting & Closing: It depends on the underwriter to approve or reject the loan considering (how strong your case is). He then finalizes, lock the interest rate and pre-close the document so that you get qualified for mortgage and move in to your new house.

What to Do if This Method Seems Complicated

The answer is simple, opt for an expert mortgage agent who gets you through the entire mortgage process from qualifying to closing mortgage. In Toronto city, there are numerous agents out there who got multiple lenders in contact so there are more chances of getting an approved mortgage in less time. If you’re looking for best and lowest mortgage rates in Toronto, click here and get complete guide on mortgage.

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